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Intel Core i5-2300 processor review

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Intel Core i5-2300 belongs to the latest Sandy Bridge processors. The i5-2300 is a dual core quad core (thanks Patrick for pointing this out) desktop processor with a clock frequency of 2.80 GHz. Let us take a quick look at the key features of the i5-2300

– quad  Core processor

– 2.80 GHz clock frequency

6 MB B L3 Cache ( Smart Cache)

–  Turbo Frequency 3.10 GHz

The Sandy Bridge desktop processors have introduced some architectural improvements over the previous architecture. The memory controller, the integrated graphics units and the two cores now reside in a single die, unlike the earlier architecture, in which the two cores resided in one die while the memory controller and the GPU resided in the other core. We have improved 6 GB of intel smart cache, that will help reduce cache miss and improve the performance. The performance of the processor itself is not expected to improve much – there are reports that Sandy Bridge gives a performance improvement of the order of 10% over the similarly clocked Arrandale CPU.

Decent improvement in the GPU section.

However, some decent performance improvement is expected in the GPU section.  Sandy Bridge processors have been shown to give 2x performance improvement over the earlier Arrandale architecture. The GPU section in the Intel i5-2300 runs at a clock frequency of 850 MHz. The GPU supports its own turbo function, with which the  maximum frequency can increase to 1.1 GHz based upon the demand of the graphics performance.

Other Features

Another noticeable change is the fact that intel dropped the support for the Hyperthreading in the core i5-2300. Other features of the Sandy Bridge i5-2300 include the support for the 64 bit instruction sets, AES instruction sets and Intel Virtualization technology.

Benchmark results are not available for the core i5-2300 processor at the time of writing, but, will be made available as soon as we have.

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  1. patrick
    January 15th, 2011 at 19:22 | #1

    The Intel Core i5 2300 is a 4 core processor not 2 cores.

  2. January 24th, 2011 at 10:42 | #2

    patrick :
    The Intel Core i5 2300 is a 4 core processor not 2 cores.

    You’re definitely right, It is four core.
    All LGA1155 are 4 Core CPUs.

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