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Intel Core i5-2400 vs i5-2500

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The Table below lists out the difference between the Intel Core i5-2400 and Core i5-2500 processors

Table : core i5-2400 Vs core i5-2500T

SL. No.
Core i5-2400 Core i3-2500
Clock Frequency 3.1 GHz 3.3 GHz
Turbo Frequency 3.4 G Hz 3.7 GHz
Passmark Score 6098 6442

The Intel Core i5-2400 and the Core i5-2500 belong to the second generation core i5 processors ( popularly known as the Sandy Bridge processors). Both these processors have same architecture and differ only in the processor frequency and the processor core frequency.

The core i3-2500 has 6.4% higher clock frequency than the core i3-2400. We should therefore expect a performance improvement of the order of 6% in CPU intensive tasks.

The passmark score of the Core i5-2400 stands at 6098 as compared to the score of 6442 for core i5-2500. The passmark score of the core i5-2500 is, therefor 5.6% higher than that of core i5-core i5-2400 – which is along the expected lines.

The core i5-2400 and the core i5-2400 are priced competitively to take on the AMD’s hex core i5-1090T line of processors for performance to price advantage.

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