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Intel Core i5-2500 vs i5-2500K difference

The Intel Core i5-2500 vs i5-2500K comparison and difference brought to you by starredreviews.

The Core i5-2500 as well as the the core i5-2500K has the same clock frequency at 3.3 GHz. They also have the same turbo frequency at 3.7 GHz.

The Core i5-2500K is the unlocked part with official support for overclocking. The core i5-2500 also have overclocking feature but it is limited in nature.

– You will need a good cooling and Fan arrangement if you wish to overclock the core i5-2500K part.

– The core i5-2500K part comes more expensive. You should be buying it only if you are in gaming, need high performance and you know how to make cooling work.

– When overclocked the system may become unstable. It will be part dependent, and you will need to do a hit and trial to see what maximum frequency can be supported in the part that you purchased with the cooling arrangements that you decide to build.

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