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Intel Core i5-460M Processor review

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The  Intel Core i5-460M has a nonimal operating frequency of 2.53 GHz. It has two cores and it supports turbo boost functionality. By turbo boost, we mean that its frequency can increase for a small period of time to cater for processes that demand more processing power. The turbo frequency of the Core i5-460M is 2.8GHz. Note that the core  i3 processors do not support the turbo functionality.


The two good factor about the architecture of the Core i5-460M is the integrated memory controller and the high speed differential DMI bus to communicate with  the chipset.

Intel reintroduced hyperthreading in the core i5 processors which means that we can have 4 threads running simultaneously.

Both the core i5-460M as well as the core i3-380M are clocked at 2.53 GHz. Obviously core i5-460M is better. The question is by by how much ? Read in Core i5-460M Vs Core i3-380M.

Based upon the Arrandale architecture the core i5-460M is manufactured with 32 nm technology. Notice that there is integrated graphics controller in the core i5-450m and the graphics section is based upon the 45 nm technology.

The performance of the graphics section is decent but not great. If you are looking for a good graphics performance you may like to wait till the release of the Sandy Bridge processors. The sandy bridge processors promise the graphics performance improvement over the Arrandale architecture by 2x ( even though we do not get substantial improvement in the CPU performance).


As far as the performance benchmarking is concerned, the core i5-460M is shown to take 16 seconds with super pi IM and 39 seconds with super pi 2M. Its performance is better than the earlier core 2 processors at 2.8 GHz.

Comparison to Core i5-540M
The core i5-460M has the same nominal frequency as the Core i5-540M ( 2.53 MHz) , however the turbo frequency of core i5-560 is higher at 3 GHz ( Vs 2.8 GHz of core i5-460M). Also the 460M does not support AES, which is useful is encryption. The core i5-460M also does not support VT-d and Trusted Execution functions.

Some of the notebooks powered by Intel Core i5-460M include HP G62T, HP G42T, HP G72t, HP touch smart 600t, HP Envy 17, Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-7805 among others.

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  2. user
    March 8th, 2012 at 02:06 | #2

    well, i am user of i5 460m processor and my turboboost monitor shows that it will clock a bit ower 2,9GHz (about 2,95) not 2,8 but yeah, i5 is better than i3