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Intel Core i5-460M vs. core i5-520M – comparison and difference

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Today, we have come up with a comparison between two popular processors. Those are Intel Core i5 Mobile i5-460M and Intel Core i5-520M. Let us see each and every aspect in detail with both processors.

Here, i5-460M is credited with two cores and four threads with a clock speed of 2.53 GHz and max Turbo frequency is 2.8GHz. Whereas, i5-520M is credited with similar cores and threads but clocked at 2.4GHz and Max turbo frequency is 2.933 GHz. It is indicating that the i5-520M gained upper hand with Turbo frequency and i5-460M gained attention with clock speed.

If we see into the Intel Smart Cache capacity, both are credited with 3MB. Here Bus/Core ratio is differed a little bit as i5-460M is with 19 and i5-520M is with 18. Similarly both got equal DMI as 2.5GT/s and both got 64-bit instruction set. There is a significant difference with Embedded Options availability. I5-520 got this facility and i5-460M is lacking this facility.

Both processor are with similar TDP rating and Lithography with 35W and 32nm. Similarly, both processors got equal memory specifications without any differences. Surprisingly, both processors are carrying the similar Graphics specifications without any change. The expansion options availability is also same with both processors.

When advanced technologies are verified with both processors, the i5-520M is credited with more facilities. This i5-520M additionally got Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d), Intel Trusted Execution technology, and AES New Instructions. The common advanced technologies between both processors are Intel Turbo Boost technology, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x), Intel 64, Idle States, Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology, Thermal Monitoring Technologies, Intel Fast Memory Access, Intel Flex Memory Access and Execute Disable Bit.


The package specifications of the each processor are completely matching well with each other without any differences. Here, i5-520M was released in Q1-2010 and i5-460M released in Q3-2010.

With this background it is really difficult to say, which of these two processors are better. The Table below lists out the side by side comparison, showing some benchmark results as well.

Table : A comparison Table of Core i5-460M vs. core i5-520M


SL No. Core i5-460M Core i5-520M
Clock Frequency 2.53 GHz 2.40 GHz
Turbo Freq 2.80 GHz 2.93 GHz
Embedded Option No Yes
AES instructions No Yes
VT-d No Yes
Trusted Execution Technology No Yes
Super Pi 2M Benchmark (Lower is better) 37 seconds 38 Seconds
3D Mark 06 Benchmark ( Higher is better) 2925 2730
SiSoft Sandra Dhrystone 38500 34500
Windows 7 Experience Index 6.9 6.8


From the Table it is hard to make derive any definite conclusion in favor of one processor. The only reason the Core i5-520M will be preferable is when you plan to use some of its features, including the AES instructions sets, Trusted Execution and the higher turbo frequency. Otherwise the performance of the two processors are comparable.

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