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Intel Core i5-470UM Ultra Low voltage processor review

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The Intel Core i5-470UM is an  Ultra Low voltage processor intended for netbooks and thin and small notebooks.  The nominal clock frequency of the intel core i5-470um is 1.33 GHz.  It is a dual core processor and it does support turbo boost functionality, the maximum turbo frequency of core i5-470um being 1.867 GHz. The Turbo Boost functionality enables higher performance by ensuring the availability of increased core frequency.

The core i5-470UM has a TDP ( Thermal Design Power) rating of only 18 Watts. The low TDP rating allows the design of light and small netbooks and notebooks. The low power consumption of the processor also leads to higher battery life.

The core i5-470UM has  L2 cache memory of 512 KB and L3 cache memory – which intel calls smart cache,  of 3MB.

Intel re enabled hyperthreading in the core i5 processors, so, there could be 4 threads running simultaneously in this processor ( 2 per core).

The Core i5-470UM has integrated DDR3 memory controller. The integrated memory controller reduces the memory latency and improves the overall system performance. The maximum speed grade for the DDR3 memory that it supports is DDR3-800.

The communication to the chipset is using fast, differential DMI bus. This helps reduce the bottleneck in communication with the peripherals.

Built with 32 nm technology, the core i5-470UM supports the intel hardware technology (intel Vt-x).

The Core i5-470UM has integrated graphics controller. The performance of the graphics is moderately good. But do not expect to get good results for your high end gaming needs. The graphics controller and the memory controller is built with 45 nm technology. The nominal operating clock frequency of the graphics processor is 166 MHz. The turbo function is supported in the graphics and its turbo frequency can reach to 500 MHz on demand.

While another ultra low power processor core i5-560UM is also clocked at 1.3 GHz, the core i5-560UM has a higher turbo frequency at 2.13 GHz, as compared to 1.86 GHz turbo frequency of core i5-470UM. The higher turbo frequency leads to better performance for processes needing temporary but fast execution.

Core i7-660UM, another low power processor,  is also clocked at 1.3 GHz. However, the core i7-660UM has a even higher turbo frequency at 2.30 GHz, as compared to 1.86 GHz turbo frequency of core i5-470UM.

Some of the notebooks powered by the intel core i5-470UM include
-HP TouchSmart tm2-2151nr
-Lenovo ideapad U160

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  1. passingby
    October 29th, 2010 at 01:08 | #1

    How is this CPU compared to SU7300 and SU4100 line in terms of computing power and battery life???

  2. Filip
    December 25th, 2010 at 13:50 | #2


    The entire “SU” famaily – 10Watts

    The “um”-family – 18Watts

    How much the battery time differs on two similar computers depends on the other parts in the laptop. If the processors power is substantially to the total power the computer takes (witch it most often is) then this difference will matter a lot to the battery time, but dont think you will get 80% longer battry time just because chosing the Su instead. I would guess 10-30 percent longer time with the Su processor.

  3. January 31st, 2011 at 23:07 | #3

    @Filip, you are forgetting that UM has 18W TDP for the whole thing: CPU, memory and graphic controllers, while SU has 10W TDP just for the CPU :))… UM is much more power savvy :).