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Intel core i5-560UM low power dual core processor

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Intel core i5-560UM has a clock frequency of 1.33 GHz. It is a dual core processor intended for low power notebook and netbook designs. Since core i5-460UM supports Hyperthreading, we could see 4 threads running in parallel.  The core i5-560UM does support  turbo boost which means that the processor can temporarily increase its clock frequency to 2.13 GHz to cater for increase in the demand of processing power.

The L3 cache (  intel calls it smart cache) is 3 MB. The core i5-560UM has integrated DDR3 memory controller. The maximum amount of the memory it supports is 8 GB.

The communication with the chipset is using high speed differential DMI bus. Based upon the Arrandale architecture, the  core i5-560UM is built with 32 nm technology and has integrated intel HD graphics. The graphics section is however, built with 45 nm technology. The base clock frequency of the graphics section is 166 MHz, however, the clock frequency of the graphics processor can rise  temporarily to 500 MHz to cater for sudden increase in demand.

The core i5-560UM is designed for low power applications and its TDP rating is 18 Watts. Intel has shown its budgetary price of $250.00.

The core i5-560UM was a recent launch ( September 2010), and we do not see many notebooks with intel core i5-560UM, though, there are many with core i5-540UM.

Source : http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=49665

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