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Intel Core i5-580M Vs Core I7-720qm

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We have seen many question regarding the performance comparison of the core-i5 and core-i7 processor. Unfortunately, there is no single answer. While the core i7 is “generally” better performing than the core i5, this is not always the case. We will need to check¬† the exact part number to be able to tell which one is better. In this topic we will take a look at the Intel Core i5-580M Vs the core i7-720qm processor. Notice that the q in the suffix of the core i7-720qm denotes a quad core. The m in the suffix denotes that it is a mobile processor.¬† Here are the quick facts

– While core i5-580M is a dual core processor, core i7-720qm is a quad core processor.

– The nominal clock frequency of the core i5-580m is 2.66 GHz, while that of the core i7-720qm is 1.6 GHz.

– Core i5-580M has 3 MB of L3 Cache while the core i7-720qm has 6 MB of L3 Cache ( Intel calls it smart cache)

– The core i5-580M comes with integrated graphics, the core i7-720qm has none.

– The core i5-580M does support the AES instruction sets, the core i7-720qm does not.

Given this background, it is hard to tell which of these two processors are faster. Does the lower 1.6 GHz frequency of the core i7-720qm more than compensates with its four core, making it faster than the core i5-580M. The only way to check it is by comparing the becnchmark data. It must be noted that the core i7 will have slight advantage in the multithreaded environment with its 4 cores.

РThe Super Pi Benchmark Calculation takes 33 seconds with the core i5-580M. The Super Pi 2M calculation  takes 36 seconds with core i7-720qm. Super Pi is however, more suited for the single threaded applications. However, it does establish the supremacy of the Core i5-580M.

– 3D Mark 06 score for the core i5-580M was found to be 3175 while the score for the Core i7-720qm was 3096. This again establishes the supremacy of the core i5-580M

-SiSoft Sandra Dhrystone (MIPS) score of core i5-580M is 43800 while that of the core i7-720qm has been reported to be 43990. The two roughly tie here.

– SiSoft Sandra Whetstone (MFLOPS) scores are roughly equal for the two. The core i7-720qm is marginally better with a score of 32845 as compared to i5-580M’s score of 31750.

The only conclusion that we can drive from the limited Benchmark results we have is that – the two processors have about the same performance in the multithreading environment. In the single threaded applications core i5-580M has slight edge.

Use this information to make buying decision for your laptop. You should not be paying extra for the core i7-720qm based notebook, just because it is quad core.

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