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Intel core i5-680 Processor Review

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Intel core i5-680 is the highest clocked dual core i5 processor at the time of writing. Released on April 18, 2010, the core i5-680 has a nominal core frequency of 3.6 GHz. Its performance is somewhhat further enhanced with the support for the turbo boost with maximum turbo frequency of 3.86 GHz. You should notices that there is not huge improvement in the frequency when turbo is in action. The maximum listed turbo frequency is the turbo frequency when a single core and is less than the listed maximum turbo frequency when both core are in action. This further indicates the weakness of the turbo function. The turbo function is more useful in case of the mobile processor where the differential between the nominal core frequency and the processor core frequency is substantial, and therefore a mobile core i5 processor with turbo boost enabled is more useful than a mobile core i3 processor.

The table below lists out some of the salient features of the intel core i5-680 processor.

Table : Intel Core i5-680 processor quick facts

SL No.
Item Value
1 Clock Frequency 3.60 GHz
2 Turbo Frequency 3.86 GHz
3 Number of Cores 2
4 Cache 4 MB
5 Memory Controller Dual Channel DDR3
6 Chipset communication DMI 2.5 GT/s
7 TDP Rating 73 Watts
8 Price $294

The Core i5-660 is another processor that is worth considering. With a core frequency of 3.60 GHz, it has slightly lower performance than the core i5-680, however, the listed price of core i5-660 at $196 as compared to $294 for the core
i5-680 makes a possible good alternative.

The core i5-661 makes another good choice. The core i5-661 has everything same as the i5-660 with GPU frequency increased to 900 MHz as compared to the GPU frequency of 733 MHz for core i5-660 or the core i5-680.

Intel core i5-680 Benchmark
The passmark score of core i5-680 is 3600. This makes AMD Phenom ii quad core 965 scored at 4,269, to be a better choice especially, since it is available for $167.99 at amazon the time of writing.

The Intel core i5-680 is a LGA1156 package chip and fits with P55, H55, H57, Q55, Q57 chipsets. The communication with the chipset is using fast 2.5 GT/s DMI Bus.

The core i5-680 has integrated memory controller with a speed grade of DDR1333. The TDP rating is at moderate 73 W. Other fr

The detailed specification can bee seen at Intel website at http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=48504

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