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Intel Core i5-760 – 2.8 GHz Quad Core processor

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Intel Core i5-760 is a 2.8 GHz quad core processor intended for moderate to high end desktop computing. Though it does not support Hyperthreading, it does support Turbo Boost, a feature by which the frequency of the processor is increased for a short duration of time to increase its performance. The maximum Turbo Frequency of Core i5-760 is 3.33 GHz. The Core i5-760 comes with 8 MB of L3 Cache that intel calls Smart cache.

Built with 45 nm Lithography, Core i5-760 has a TDP rating of 95 Watts. The Core i5-760 does NOT come with integrated graphics controller.

Here are the key specifications of the Intel Core i5-760

Number of Cores – 4
Nominal Clock Frequency – 2.80 GHz
Turbo Frequency – 3.33 GHz
Level 3 Cache Memory – 8 MB
Integrated Graphics controller – NO
Max DDR3 memory speed – DDR3-1333

The Core i5-760 has integrated DDR3 memory controller, which makes the processor to memory communication fast by reducing the latency. The communication with the chipset is using fast differential DMI Bus.

Other notable feature include the support for the Intel Virtualization technology, which is helpful in case you are running multiple operating systems simultaneously.

Performance and Benchmarking

The core i5-760 improves upon the clock frequency of the core i5-750 ( a 2.66 GHz part) by 5.2%. We should therefore, expect a performance improvement of the order of 4% to 5% in Intel Core i5-760 with respect to the Core i5-750. The result points slightly better performance for the core i5-750 with respect to AMD’s quad core X4 965 ( 3.4 GHz part).

The Passmark CPU performance score for the core i5-750 stands at 3641. We may therefore expect the score to be of the order of 3790. By Comparison the Phenom ii X4 965 has a passmark score of 2950.


1. The complete specification from Intel can be seen at http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=48496
2. Benchmarkreviews.com has conducted a detailed testing and benchmark for core i5-750M. You may like to go through the numbers and add ( or subtract, as applicable) to the benchmark results by 4% to arrive at an approximate benchmark numbers for the Core i5-760M


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