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Intel Core i7-2620M dual core Sandy Bridge processor

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The nominal core frequency of the intel sandy bridge Core i7-2620M processor is 2.7 GHz. Notice that the Core i7-2620M has only two core ( the Intel core i7-2920XM i7-2820QM i7-2720QM are quad core processors). The Core i7-2620M does support Hyperthreading and there could be a maximum of 4 threads running at a time.

The Intel Core i7-2620M does support turbo boost and its turbo frequency is 3.4 GHz. Its low TDP rating of 35 W makes it ideal for the design of low power and high battery life notebooks.

Built with 32 nm technology the Core i7-2620M will have integrated GPU unit with nominal frequency of 650 MHz. The GPU unit has a turbo boost which work in tandem with the main GPU turbo boost. The turbo frequency of the core i7-2620M is 1300MHz.

Some of the initial benchmarking result show exciting performance of the integrated GPU for the Sandy Bridge processors. Intel’s claim of more than doubling the GPU performance has been verified in some of the initial benchmarking test results. It will be interesting to see how the gaming community takes up this processor.

The sandy bridge processors are going to be launched in the last quarter of the 2010 and the systems should be available by the 1st quarter of 2011. If you are a gamer, you may like to wait till the launch of the Sandy Bridge processor.

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