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Intel Core i7-2630qm vs i7-920XM

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The launch of the newest Intel Sandy Bridge processor – Core i7-2630qm has led to some interesting positioning with respect to the earlier Clarksdale and Arrandale processor. It may be interesting to compare the two similarly clocked 2 GHz Sandy Bridge Vs 2 GHz Clarkdale Core i7-920XM processors. Here is a quick note

– Both Core i7-2630qm and the Core i7-920XM are quad core and both are clocked at 2 GHz.

– While the max single core turbo frequency of core i7-2630qm is 2900 GHz, the max single core turbo frequency of the core i7-920xm is 3.2 GHz ( Advantage i7-920XM).

– Core i7-920XM has 8 MB of Cache memory, while core i7-2630qm has only 6 MB of L3 Cache memory ( Intel calls it Last Level cache for Sandy Bridge). – Advantage i7-920XM

– Both Processors have 4 x 256 KB of L2 Cache.

– Core i7-920XM has TDP rating of 55 Watts , while core i7-2630qm has TDP rating of 45 Watts – Advantage i7-2630qm

Now before you come to conclusion, notice that the newer Sandy Bridge core i7-2630qm has slightly better turbo boost performance. Intel observed that the processor still remain cool even with the turbo boost, so, they increased the time for which turbo could remain active in the Sandy Bridge. This improves the Sandy Bridge performance.

The noticeable difference in the architecture as well as the performance is in the integrated graphics arena. The Sandy Bridge Core i7-2630qm comes with Intel HD Graphics 3000. In this newer architecture, the CPU as well as the graphics controller are built on a single die with 32 nm lithography. The performance of the graphics engine has seen an improvement of the order of 125% with respect to the earlier Intel HD graphics performance in the Clarksdale and Arrandale processor.

So the verdict is – If you are looking for improved integrated graphics performance, you should go for the Sandy Bridge core i7-2630qm. Otherwise, the two processor may have comparable performance. You may like to check the exact benchmark. We expect the numbers to be close by. Detailed Benchmark results are beyond the scope of starred reviews.

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