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Intel Core i7-640M Processor Review

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Intel Core i7-640M Processor is the new i7 series mobile processors from Intel for notebooks and laptops. This is a dual core processor, whose model number is i7 – 640M. This processor has Intel Hyper threading technology implemented so each core can handle two threads at the same time thus the processor can handle four threads at the given point of time. 2.8 Giga Hertz is the normal operating clock frequency but it can be varied up to 3.46 Giga Hertz Dynamically to ensure maximum performance. Intel Core i7-640M Processor has a cache memory of 4 Mega bytes, the cache memory is called as Intel Smart cache. Each core uses 2 MB of cache memory. The bus to core ratio of Intel Core i7-640M Processor is 21. SSE4.1 and SSE4.2 Instruction set extensions are supported by this processor. The lithography technology used for manufacturing of this processor is 32 nm technology.

The maximum Thermal Design power of Intel i7-640M is 35 Watts and the instruction sets are of width 64 bits. The Direct Memory Interface provides data transfer at the standard rate of 2.5 GT per second. There is an integrated graphics processor which works at processing speed of 500 Mega Hertz and can stretch itself up to 766 Mega Hertz. This graphics processor has all the advanced technologies that Intel  has developed for graphics processing incorporated. Thus making this graphics processor more than sufficient even for accelerating High Definition Videos and since the capabilities of this graphics processor is unmatched it rules out any need for external graphics card. There are two memory channels to connect processors. Intel core processor i7-640M supports 8 GB of RAM memory of the type DDR3. Each RAM channel can support up to a maximum RAM memory of 4 GB. The refresh rates of the DDR3 RAM that this processor supports are either 800 MHz or 1066 MHz.

Intel core i7-640M processor has all the advanced Intel technologies in place, thus making it an ultimate choice for anyone who needs unmatched performance. This processor stands out with its performance as Hyper threading, Intel Flex memory access  and Intel Fast memory access are there the processor’s performance doesn’t dip even when are multiple applications are running on it. This is one of the few processors that support AES New Instructions and Intel Trusted Execution Technology. This processor is simply the best processor that Intel has ever made, which fits everyone’s needs. Some models of HP dmt4 laptops comes with Intel core i7-640M

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  1. Figurative
    November 29th, 2010 at 13:21 | #1

    Yes! This CPU is awesome. I just got my new MacBook Pro with this CPU and it screams bloody murder!

  2. Johnny
    July 15th, 2011 at 04:22 | #2

    Excellent your reviews and it is perfect!
    The most important matters in processor are highlighted with full reality. I have been using the Intel i7-640m processor in my HP8470w laptop for last six months and always curious to know about the efficiency of the processor. I discovered the real truth about my processor in this website. I bookmarked your website to check for any prospective liking processor.