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Intel Core i7-640UM Processor

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Intel Core i7-640UM is a low power, 1.20 GHz dual core processor, that promises decent performance for, mainly because of its turbo function. While its nominal clock frequency is only 1.20 GHz, the turbo frequency is relatively high at 2.26 GHz. So the processor will be kind of, half sleeping when you are doing functions like word processing, surfing and emailing. As soon as you launch a new program, the turbo comes into action – shooting the clock frequency to 2.26 GHz and just before the processor starts heating up, it goes back to its 1.20 GHz. This small burst of high clock frequency means the you do not see a lag in the program launches. Turbo function helps in the real life computing environment.

Key Points about Intel Core i7-640UM

Here are the most important features / keypoints about Core i7-640UM.

– 1.20 GHz, dual core
– Hyperthreading support – 4 threads at a time
– Turbo support, max turbo frequency 2.26 GHz
4 MB Cache memory
– Low 18 Watts TDP rating

And here are rest of the points about Core i7-640UM.

– Integrated DDR3-800
– DMI Bus for communication with chipset.
– Integrated Graphics
– The Integrated graphics has its own turbo.
– The nominal frequency of the core i7-640UM is 166 MHz and the maximum dynamic frequency is 500 MHz.

The List price of the Intel Core i7-640UM is relatively high ( $289 according to Intel). We expect that the OEM must have been given discounts on the volume. That is the only way you can get a decent performing netbook or a small notebook ( optimized for low power) under $800 or so.

The only good reason that this processor will be found in the notebooks ( and small netbooks) is its low power feature, which will give high batter life.

Competitor – The recently launched AMD’s E-350 is much cheaper and a potentially better option when compared to the intel core i7-640UM. A dual core processor clocked at 1.60 GHz, E-350 has a better performance in term of graphics.

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