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Intel Core i7-660UM Ultra Low Power processor review

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The Intel Core i7-660UM is an Ultra Low power processor with  nominal clock frequency of  1.33 GHz. Even with low base clock frequency  the i7-660UM attempts to keep its performance high by using a higher turbo boost frequency at  2.4 GHz. The Turbo Boost functionality enables higher performance by ensuring the availability of increased core frequency.

Hyperthreading is enabled in the core i7-660UM, which means that there could be 4 threads running simultaneously. The core i7-660 UM boasts 4 MB of intel smart cache. Intel Smart Cache allows each core to dynamically utilize upto 100% of available cache.

The core i7-660UM communicates with the chipset using fast, differential DMI Bus. It achieves a throughput rate of 2.5 GT/s with the DMI Bus. Built with 32 nm technology, the i7-660UM has a TDP rating of 18 Watts. The low TDP rating allows netbook and notebook
manufacturers to design small, low power and high battery life products.

The core i7-660UM has integrated DDR3 memory controller supporting DDR3-800. The maximum amount of the memory supported in 8 GB. Using the dual channel memory controller it is able to achieve a maximum throughput rate of 12.8 GB/s. The integrated memory controller reduces the latency and increases the overall performance of the processor.

The core i7-660UM has integrated intel HD graphics which gives decent entry level graphics performance. The system manufacturers are able to reduce the overall cost of the system by not requiring a discrete graphics chip on the system. If you do need a high graphics performance, and external discrete graphics component may be required. If you are looking for a better integrated graphics performance, you may like to wait till the launch of the Sandy Bridge processors.

The base frequency of the graphics processor in 166 MHz. The graphics section supports its own turbo functionality and its maximum turbo frequency is 500 MHz.

The two processor cores in  i7-660UM is manufactured with 32 nm technology. The graphics section and the memory controller which sit on a separate die, is built with 45 nm technology.

The core i7-660UM does support intel virtualization technology which helps in case you have multiple operating systems running in parallel. The virtualization technology makes the switching between the operating systems fast and seamless.

We do not find notebooks powered by intel core i7-660UM at the time of writing. The benchmarking results for the core i7-660UM will be updated when they become available.

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