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Intel core i7-720qm Review

The core i7-720qm is a quad core processor from intel that has recently been used in many gaming notebooks, for example HP Envy 15.

The following faq should help you to familiarize yourself with this processor.

Q. How many cores and threads are there in the Intel core i7-720qm processor.

A. There are 4 cores and with each core containing 2 threads there could be 8 threads running simultaneously. This significantly improves the processor performance in case where several processes are required to run in parallel. This also improves video encoding processes that require parallel execution of several processes.

Q. What is the nominal core frequency of core i7-720qm processor.

A. The Intel core i7-720qm processorĀ  runs at a nominal frequency of 1.6 GHz. This is seeming very low but works very well with the Turbo boost technology.

Q. Is not 1.6 GHz very low ? What is the deal with the Turbo Boost ?

A. Yes 1.6 GHz is seemingly low but it helps preserve battery power, since high processing power in not required all the time. As soon asĀ  high processing power is required the processor automatically boosts it frequency to 2.8 GHz. This is called turbo boost technology and it helps notebooks using the Turbo Boost enabled processors preserve the battery life without sacrificing the processing power when required.

Q. So what is the deal with Cache memory.

A. The core i7-720qm has 6MB of shared L3 cache. It means that all the 4 cores share the common 6 MB cache. An advantage of this scheme is that if a single process needs large cache it can take up the whole 6 MB cache. Had the cache been assigned to invidual cores, a large single process will not fit in.

Q. How about the memory communication ? The memory throughput.

A. The intel core i7-720qm has dual channel DDR3-1066/1333 memory. The integrated memory controller in the core i7-720qm processor significantly increases the throughput rate.

Q. But I heard that core i7 had triple memory channel.

A. You are partially right. I think you are talking about the core i7-9xx processors. They do have triple memory channels that enhances their memory transfer rate. But core i7-720qm has only 2 memory channels.

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