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Intel core i7-820QM quad core processor review

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The Nominal clock frequency of the Intel core i7-820qm is 1.73 GHz. The Intel core i7-820QM is a quad core processor and has hyperthreading enabled, which means that we can have 8 threads running simultaneously.The turbo boost function is enabled in core i7-820QM and the maximum turbo frequency of the core i7-820QM is 3.06 GHz. With the turbo boost the clock frequency of the processor momentarily increases to cater for the sudden increase in the processing power demand. The processor can not work continuously at the increased turbo frequency at it will produce more heat than the processor, heat sink and fan system can sustain. The real life computer needs require momentary increase in the processing power and long durations of low processing needs. The turbo boost design helps solve the real world problem. It is an intelligent solution.

The core i7-820QM has a huge 8 MB L3 cache which helps in the giving boost to the performance. Built with 45 nm technology the core i7-820QM has a TDP (Thermal Power Design) rating of 45 Watts. As the TDP rating is slightly high, you will find this processor in larger notebooks, with good provision for heatsink , fan and ventilation.

The core i7-820QM has integrated DDR3 memory controller. It supports DDR-1066 and DDR-1333 and the maximum amount of supported memory is 8GB.

The core i7-820QM does not has integrated graphics controller.  It does support intel vitualization technology ( VT-x and VT-d)  but does not support  the AES functions.

The high performance of the core i7-820QM is reflected in some of the benchmarking scores. The Super Pi 1M and 2M have been found to take 14 seconds and 28 seconds respectively. The Widows 7 processor satisfaction index gives it 7 marks out of 10.

Some of the notebooks and PCs that use core i7-820QM include HP Pavilion DV6t, HP touchsmart 600t,Lenovo W701DS, Dell Studio XPS 1645, HP DV7t, HP DV8t, Dell Studio 15, Dell Studio 17 among others.

Source : Intel http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43124

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