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Intel Core i7-840QM quad core processor

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Some of the recent notebooks that include the intel core i7-840QM processor include  Sony VAIO F Series VPCF12SGX/B, HP Envy 14, HP DV8T, HP Pavilion 17.3 dv7t and Dell Studio XPS 1645.

The intel core i7-840QM is a quad core processor and is clocked at 1.86 GHz, improving upon the frequency 1.73 GHz of the quad core i7-740QM.

The core i7-840QM does support the turbo boost function, and, its turbo frequency is 3.2 GHz. With the support of Hyperthreading, core i7-840QM can have 8 threads running simultaneously.

Based on the Clarksfield architecture, the core i7-740QM has a TDP rating of 45 Watts. This is slighhtly high and you will therefore, find this processor in larger notebooks. One of the reasons for the high TDP rating is the higher turbo core frequency of 3.2 GHz.

The intel Core i7 840QM  has dual channel   DDR3-1066/133 integrated memory controller. It supports a maximum memory of 8 GB.

The Core i7-840QM also has 8 MB of L3 Cache, improving upon the 6 MB cache in the core i7-740QM.

Benchmarking scores – The Super Pi 2M takes close to 29 seconds with Intel Core i7-840QM ( core i7-740QM took 34 seconds).

Other features of the core i7-840QM include the hardware virtualization,Intel 64, Idel States, Enhanced Speedstep. It communicated with the chipsets using the high speed differential DMI Bus.

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