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Intel Core i7-875K Processor Review

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The overclockers love the intel K word, that intel suffixes in its processor number to “legally” allow overclocking – boosting the processor performance from its normal level.

The intel core i7-875K is designed to work at nominal core frequency of 2.93 GHz. It is a qaud core processor intended for desktop applications. The turbo boost is enabled in the core i7-875K with turbo frequency being 3.6 GHz. With Hyperthreading enabled, there could be 8 threads running in parallel, boosting the performance of heavily threaded applications.

Priced at $342.00 ( at the time of writing, according to intel website), the core i7-875K offers a competitive solution to the gamers. Officially allowing the overclocking leads to several benefits. You can independently change the core frequency and do not need to worry about other Bus and memory system which will work at the original frequency. The traditional overclocking involves increasing the clock frequency of the base clock, which increases the frequency of the processor core alongwith the Memory and the Bus System. An advantage is that the performance of the processor as well as the memory system and the Bus system all increase and the overall performance increases. The disadvantage is, that that when the system fails or becomes unstable, it is usually the DDR Bus or the system bus that fails even when there is margin in the processor to overclock further.

Allowing the simple clock multiplier as in the Extreme Edition i7-875K solves this problem by letting you increase the frequency of the processor independent of the memory and the other bus system. It has been reported that the core i7-875K can overclock all way upto 3.7 GHz ( up from 3.2 GHz normally) without any serious issue.

You may like to notice the strong competitor in AMD – the hex core 1090T (nominal clock frequency of 3.2GHz) is offered at a price tag of $229.99 giving a run for money to intel.

Here are some quick and important specification of Intel Core i7-875K tabulated for the ease of reading.

Table : Intel Core i7-875K processor quick facts

SL No.
Item Value
1 Clock Frequency 2.93 GHz
2 Turbo Frequency 3.60GHz
3 Number of Cores 4
4 Cache 8 MB
5 Memory Controller Dual Channel DDR3
6 Chipset communication DMI 2.5 GT/s
7 TDP Rating 95 Watts
8 Price $342

For complete specification, you are encouraged to check the intel website at http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=48499
Intel Core i7-875K Benchmark

The Passmark score of the Intel Core i7-875K stands at 6,416 – By comparison the AMD 1090T has a passmark score of 6062, making it a strong competitor, especially since it is being offered at substantially lower price than that of core i7-875K.

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