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Intel Core i7-880 Processor review

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The Intel Core i7-880 is one of the highest performing desktop processor at the time of writing. Clocked at 3.06 GHz, the core i7-880 is a quad core processor, that further improves its performance by supporting turbo boost. Turbo boost, temporarily increases the core frequency to cope with the increased in the demand of the processing power. The turbo frequency of the core i7-880 is 3.73 GHz.

The Core i7-880 comes with 8 MB of cache memory which Intel calls the Smart Cache. Intel Smart Cache allows each core to dynamically utilize upto 100% of available cache.

The Table below lists out the main parameters of interest, that a common PC users should know about the core i7-880.

Table :Intel Core i7-880 Processor

SL No. Item Detail
1 Clock Frequency 3.06 GHz
2 Number of Cores 4
3 Turbo Boost Freq 3.73 GHz
4 Cache Memory 8 MB
5 TDP Rating 95 Watts

We found the passmark becnchmark score reported as 6672. By Comparision Intel Core i7 980X at 3.33GHz has a passmark score of 11825.

Few more remarks on the architectural features of the Core i7-880 will help you understand its strength. The core i7-880 Has integrated memory controller. The integrated memory controller reduces the memory latency, increases the processor to memory communication speed and improves the overall performance of the system. The Core i7-880 supports DDR3-1066/1333 ( The 1066 and 1333 indicate the speed grades) and can support a maximum of 16 GB of memory.

The communication with the chipset is using the fast differential DMI bus which can churn out data at a whopping 2.5 GT/s. The Intel’s DMI Bus is similar to the AMD’s HyperTransport Bus. AMD was the leader in the use of the high speed differential bus for processor to chipset communication, and it still has the lead in terms of the throughput rate.

The Support for the virtualization technology in the core i7-880 should lead to seamless and speedy switching between the operating systems , in case, you plan to use them. Other notable features of the core i7-880 include Hyperthreading ( we can have 2 threads per core – so a total of 8 threads can run in parallel) , support for 64 bit instruction set, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology.

The core i7-880 has been found in some of the performance PCs including HP Pavilion Elite HPE-450t PC. [ad#2

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