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Intel Core i7-920XM and intel core i7-940XM processor reviews

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The Intel Core i7-920XM and intel core i7-940XM  are the highest performing quad core processors for the notebooks available at the time of writing. The X in the part number indicate that these are Extreme Edition parts. The suffix M in the part number indicate mobile parts.

The nominal clock frequency of the intel core i7-920XM is 2 GHz while that of the core i7-940XM is 2.13 GHz. Both these processors have 4 cores and support Hyperthreading, which means that we can have 8 threads running simultaneously. The Turbo boost function is supported in  core i7-920XM and core i7-940XM and their turbo frequencies are 3.2 GHz and 3.33 GHz respectively.

Built with 45 nm technology the extreme edition processors have a TDP rating of 55 Watts, which means that you will find them only in large notebooks with very good provision of heatsink, ventilation and fan.

The core i7-920XM and i7-940XM have integrated DDR3 memory controller which speeds up the memory transfer. The maximum supported memory is 8 GB.  The communication with the chipset is using high speed differential DMI Bus. The core i7-920XM and i7-940XM do not have integrated graphics controllers.

The  core i7-920XM and i7-940XM do support intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x as well as the VT-d) which is helpful if you need two operating systems to run simultaneously.

We found very few notebooks commercially containing intel core i7-940XM. One of the reasons could be its high cost. The budgetary price of the core i7-940XM is $1096.00 according to intel at the time of writing. The core i7-920XM was found to be priced at $1054.00

Some benchmarking results are available for the core i7-920XM as well as the core i7-940XM. The Super Pi 1M takes 13 seconds and Supert Pi 2M takes 31 seconds in the core i7-920XM.  Since the clock frequency of the core i7-940XM is 6.25% higher than the core i7-920XM, we expect a performance improvement of the order of 5 to 6% . The Super Pi 1M takes 12 seconds and the  supert Pi 2M takes 28 seconds in the core i7-940XM.

While these processors sounds good for gaming enthusiasts, there pricing has been deterrent in mass adoption. The AMD Phenom ii Hex core processors have more affordable prices.

The intel core i7-920XM can be found in HP Envy 17, HP Envy 15, Dell Precision M4500, Dell Precision M6500, Dell Alienware M15X.




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  1. danwat1234
    June 7th, 2013 at 08:17 | #1

    The first gen Core i7 mobile processors sucked. They weren’t 32nm like the rest of the chips. Of course with Sandy Bridgea all mobile chips were 32nm.

    Single threaded applications, which are still widespread today, aren’t that much quicker clock for clock even on a brand new Haswell CPU versus a last generation (Penryn) Core 2 Duo.
    For instance on my G50VT laptop with an X9100 CPU slightly overclocked to 3.5GHZ, it managed 1M superpi of 14.7 seconds and 2M of 34 seconds.

    A Haswell i5-3210 @3.1GHZ (stock turbo speed) does 1M of 12.7 seconds and 2m of 29 seconds.

    Still not that much quicker than a Penryn, clock for clock.

    With multithreaded software, of course performance is much better but CPU performance increases sure have slowed over the years.

  2. danwat1234
    June 7th, 2013 at 08:18 | #2

    i5-3210 is Ivy Bridge, but I used that as an example since everybody knows that Haswell brings minimal CPU performance increases.