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Intel Core i7-940XM Processor Extreme Edition Review

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Intel Core i7-940XM Processor Extreme Edition is the new processor from Intel which is launched in the third quarter of the year 2010. This processor is a quad core processor and each core of which can handle two threads at a time. Thus the processor on total can handle 8 threads at the same time. Intel Core i7-940XM Processor works at a clock speed of 2.13 GHz in the normal operating condition and it can vary its clock speed up to 3.33 Giga Hertz to maintain performance. The bus to core ratio of Intel Core i7-940XM Processor is 16. There is a total cache memory of 8 MB available which is Intel smart Cache. Each core uses 2 MB of the Cache memory. The instruction set data width is 64 bits, the Direct Memory Interface of  Intel Core i7-940XM Processor can do a data transfer at the standard speed of 2.5 GT per second. SSE 4.2 is the instruction set extension that is supported by  Intel Core i7-940XM Processor. This processor’s maximum thermal design power is 55 watts and 45 nano meter lithography technology is the technology used for fabrication of  Intel Core i7-940XM Processor. DDR3 Type RAM with refresh rates 1066 Mega Hertz or 1333 Mega Hertz are supported by this processor. There are two memory channels available each of which can support 4 Giga Bytes and in total 8 Giga byte of RAM is supported. The maximum memory bandwidth that can be achieved is 21 Giga bytes per second.

36 bit physical address extension is used for addressing. Error correction code support for this processor. PCI revision 2.0 is supported by this processor and 1 PCI port is available. The PCI Express configurations can be made either 1 x 16 or as 2 x 8. PGA988 protocol is the type of socket supported. There are totally 774 million transistors that are fabricated inside Intel Core i7-940XM Processor.  There is no integrated graphics processor available in Intel Core i7-940XM Processor. Other than AES new instructions and Intel Demand based switching all the other Advanced technologies are implemented in Intel Core i7-940XM Processor. The hyper threading technology incorporated in Intel Core i7-940XM Processor provides the maximum performance that the processor can yield. The design of this processor is basically for laptops and notebooks. This processor however uses more power than other processors available in the market but the performance of this processor stands out and this easily over takes all the other processors that are available.

Intel Core i7-940XM Pros – Fast 2.13 GHz, Quad Core, 8MB Cache

Intel Core i7-940XM Cons – Expensive – $1096, High TDP (55 Watts for laptop)

Super Pi 1M benchmark results show that the Intel Core i7-940XM takes 12 seconds, while the super Pi 2M takes 28 seconds. It is left to readers to justify its $1000 plus price tag for the speed it commands. You should certainly explore the AMD’s phenom hex core processors and compare it against the price performance ratio.

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