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Intel Core i7-970 Processor Review

The Intel’s core i7-970 processor is one of the most powerful processor available at the time of writing ( July 2010). Intel indicates the budgetary price of $885.00 in quantities of 1000. This is pretty much in line with the processor being available at newegg at $899.

Clocked at 3.2 GHz, the intel core i7-970 has 6 cores with the ability of 2 threads each core, giving it ability to run 12 Hyperthreads simultaneously. The turbo boost technology allows increase in the processor frequency to 3.46 GHz depending upon the demand. A whopping 12 MB of the L3 cache adds performance boost to the processor.

The processor has integrated memory controller. The core i7-970 has three memory channels ( the i3 and i5 lines have just two memory channels). This significantly increases the memory transfer rate.

Available in 1366 pins socket FCLGA1366 – core i7-970 has a maximum power consumption of 130 W. If you are looking for extreme performance computing you may like to look for Core i7-970 Processor in the desktop you are buying.

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