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Intel core i7-990X Processor

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Intel core i7-990X is a hex core processor clocked at 3.47 GHz, making it a high end processor for all round high performance computing needs. On the top of the hex core and 3.47 GHz clock frequency, it has a whopping 12 MB Cache memory. Its triple channel DDR3-1066 Integrated Memory Controller ensures a speedier memory transfer in case of Cache miss. The turbo boost in core i7-990X further enhances its performance for processes requiring high processing power for a short duration of time.

The Core core i7-990X is the successor to the core i7-980X which is clocked at 3.33 GHz. Based purely upon the clock frequency we are looking for a performance improvement of the order of 4% in core i7-990X as compared to the core i7-980X.

The core i7-990X fits in the LGA 1366 socket – implying that you could use the motherboard supporting this socket. Intel’s old DX58SO motherboard could, for example be used with bios upgrade for this processor.

The core i7-990X has been built with 32 nm technology and has a TDP rating of 130 Watts. As far as the benchmarking is concerned, we should see a performance improvement of the order of 4% over the Intel Core i7-980X

More details coming soon. Stay tuned.

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