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Intel HD Graphics 200 – Preliminary Information

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Some early information about the Intel HD Graphics 200 has started appearing. The purpose of this review is not to present any hands on or in depth review of the the Intel HD Graphics 200, but to put together whatever information is available at the time of writing.

The Intel HD Graphics 200 also called with other terms as Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD 200 or even Intel GMA HD 200 refers to the integrated graphics in the Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. The Sandy Bridge processors are expected to be released in the last of quarter of 2010 and once these are into the hands of the notebook designers and manufacturers, we could be seeing them appearing in the notebooks in the 1st quarter of 2011.

We should start seeing the Intel HD Graphics 200 in the Sandy Bridge mobile processors in the i7-2920XM, i7-2820QM, i7-2720QM and also in the Intel Core i5-2540M and i5-2520M processors.

It should be notices that the intel HD Graphics 200 does has any dedicated memory on its own. The HD graphics 200 shares the L3 3 Cache with the CPU. Interestingly, it also shares part of the main DDR3 memory. The GMA 200 also support turbo boost functionality which means that its working frequency can be temporarily boosted to get temporary gain in performance. Note that the TurboBoost is also supported in the main CPU. The graphics turbo boost work in tandem with the main CPU. What it means that if the main CPU does not need any heavy computation while the there is a need in the graphics processing power, the Turbo Boost is applied to the graphics unit and not to the CPU. It all depends upon the maximum power consumption. If we turn the Turbo Boost in both the CPU as well as the GPU, the total power consumption in the mobile processor may exceed the rating of the processor. To overcome this, the the CPU and GPU are independently and given TurboBoost with the goal of achieving the best performance while still keeping the total power under the maximum limit.

The Intel Graphics 200 is expected to offer 12 Execution Units (EUs). More exact details on the architecture are still awaited.

There are some initial benchmarking results available for the Intel HD Graphics 200. It indicates that the performance of the Intel HD Graphics 200 is comparable to the ATI Radeon HD4850. There are conclusions at anandtech that the HD Graphics 200 as compared to Radeon HD 5450 was better in several games including Batham, Call of Duty MW2,Dragon Origins, and Bioshock 2. There was some indication that in few games like “In Dawn of War 2” and Hawx the Intel HD Graphics 200 trailed in performance.

From what it appears in the benchmarks and the intel IDF shows, it looks like the GMA HD 200 should be have decent performance in gaming and it should be able to give good performance with current games y in low-medium detail settings

The Intel HD Graphics 200 also has dedicated units for encoding and decoding of HD videos. Intel has demonstrated it takes only 14 seconds to encode of a 3 minute duration 1080p video to a format compatible with iPhone ( 640×360 resolution) in a matter of just 14 seconds.

The Intel HD Graphics 200 is built with the 32 nm technology which should result in lower power consumption.

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