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Intel i5-450M review

A large number of today’s ( as of July 2010) notebook are coming equipped with the Intel i5-450M processor. For example the flagship notebook frm HP – the HP Envy 17 has intel i5-450M processor. If your notebook has this processor or if you are planning to buy a notebook that has this processor you may like to familiarize with the capabilities of this processor.

The i5-450M is clocked at 2.4GHz and there are two things that will make this processor faster than a similarly clocked Core 2 processor. The first is that the i5 processor has integrated memory controller. What it means is that the processor communicates with the memory directly and does not has to go through another chip in between the processor and the memory. This reduces the latency and the increases the performance.

The second potential change the improves that performance in the processor as compared to the core 2 duo is the hyperthreading. With two threads for each processor there are 4 threads running that helps improve the performance when several processes are running in parallel.

There are also several architectural changes inside the processor chip all designed to reduce the power consumption and boost the performance as compared to Core 2 Duo. In essence, you are going to see a processor that is significantly faster than the core 2 processor.

The maximum power consumption of this processor is 35 W. Given the kind of the performance intel has done a great job in keeping the processor cool.

Unlike the i3 processors, the i5 processors do contain the turbo boost technology. What it means is that the i5-450M processor will normally be running at 2.4GHz frequency, but, if the processes demand, it will boost the frequency to 2.66 GHz.

The intel has some more details of this processor if you are willing to look at the specifications of this processor.

The integration of the Integrated Graphics and HD Graphics makes this processor especially suited for the gaming and the HD display. Many gaming and multimedia notebooks launched recently have used this processor.

The processor is packaged in PGA988 socket and will not fit in the older core 2 processor motherboards.

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  1. Deepak
    August 24th, 2010 at 11:27 | #1

    Guys can anyone let me know the performance of i5 450 processor. Also would be pleased to know more about the 64 bit processor.

  2. jack87
    October 16th, 2011 at 10:22 | #2

    Check out the NP-R540-JSE1US from Samsung – a recent launch and has specification. It is powered by the core i5-450 processor.

  3. Richi 67
    December 4th, 2011 at 11:41 | #3

    first, it wont normally run at 2.4, but about 1.8 (speedstep) and TDP is NOT the power requirement, but the max heat dissapation (cooling required)
    the i5 5xxm series typically idles at (electrical consumption) 8watts n maxes out about 50/60 watts
    these figures are a rough guide, as all cpus vary.