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Intel i5-540UM Vs i5-430UM Vs i5-520UM – Reviews

The i5-xxxUM ultra low voltage processors have become very popular recently ( July 2010) for long battery performance and decent performance.  Note that the part number for the ultra low voltage parts end with UM while the regular parts end with suffix M.

The typical power consumption ( TDP) of these ulta low voltage processors is 18 Watts. This is about half of the regular i5 processors.

The low power consumption is achieved two two factors – by lowering the voltage at which it works and by lowering the frequency at which it works. To understand the inter relation between the voltage and frequency assume that a processor works at 2GHz and its core voltage is 1.4V. Now if you start reducing the voltage from 1.4V to 1.3V or 1.2V…at some point of core voltage, say 1.2V, the processor stops working at 2GHz. If you reduce the core frequency from the 2 GHz to say 1.4GHz the processor again starts working. The voltage and frequency work in conjunction and both of these helps in reducing the power consumption.

The ultra  low voltage i5 processors come equipped with the turbo boost frequency, unlike the corresponding ultra low voltage i3 processors. For this reason, if you do plan to buy one of these processor prefer one with i5 processors rather than the corresponding i3 brother.

The typical core frequencies of the ultra low voltage i5  processors, for example, that of  i5-430UM is 1.2GHz. The low core frequency typically means that the performance will suffer if some demanding process starts running. The turbo boost frequency increases the core frequency on demand. For example the  i5-430UM processor which has typical frequency of 1.2 GHz gets its core frequency boosted to 1.73 GHz if the turbo boost feature is enabled.

The ultra low voltage processors have some general features applicable to general i5 processors – these include Integrated Memory controller, hyperthreading and Intel HD graphics. These features boost their performance. The table below lists the Low power intel core i5 processors.

Table : Intel Core i5 low power processor comparison

Model Frequency AES Function Power
i5-540UM 1.2 GHz Yes 18W
i5-430UM 1.2GHz No 18W
i5-520UM 1.06 GHz Yes 18 W

Table : Intel Core i5 processor broad comparison

Model Frequency AES Function
i5-450M 2.4GHz No
i5-520M 2.4GHz Yes
i5-580M 2.67GHz Yes
i5-540M 2.53GHz Yes
i5-430M 2.26GHz No
i5-540UM 1.2 GHz Yes
i5-430UM 1.2GHz No
i5-520UM 1.06 GHz Yes
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