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Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5800 Processor

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Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5800 is a dual core 3.2 GHz part. It is based upon the older architecture and does not has the integrated memory controller as in the newer Intel core i3 and core i5 desktop processors. The Intel Pentium E5800 communicates with  the Front Side Bus, which, in turn communicates with the memory. The two cores in the Intel Pentium E5800 have dedicated L1 Caches and a shared L2 cache.

The clock frequency of the Front Side bus is 200 MHz. With 4 bits transferred in each cycle, it leads to an effective clock cycle of 800 M bits per second.

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The Pentium E5800 supports 64 bits instruction sets. Its comes with 65 watts TDP rating.

Built with 45nm Lithography, Pentium E5800 has a die size of 82 square mm  and has 222 million transistors.  The processor does support Virtualization technology and the Enhanced SpeedStep.

Intel price reduction in the cost of the Pentium E5800 has made it an attractive option to upgrade your system ( in case your motherboard supports it). The Pentium E5800 fits in socket 775 motherboards.

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