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Intel Pentium E6500 Processor Review

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Intel Pentium E6500 is a dual core processor clocked at 2.93 GHz. The Pentium E6500 does not supports Hypethreading as in the newer core i3 and core i5 processors. It has 2 MB of L2 Cache.

Key Features at a glance

– Dual Core processor at 2.93 GHz

2 MB of L2 Cache

– 1066 MHz Front Side Bus

– No integrated Memory Controller ( the newer Intel Core i3 processors, for example have these)

– TDP rating 65 Watts

– Supports 64 bit instruction and virtualization but not  AES instruction sets

The Dual core E6500 is classic Dual core processor and its good feature includes the faster 1066 MHz Front side Bus. The Front side bus is the bus with which the processor communicates with the north bridge chip. The north bridge chip, in turn, communicates with the memory and another south bridge chip. The one drawback of the scheme is the slow processor to memory communication speed. The newer Intel core i3 processors solve this problem by making the processor communicate with the memory directly using its integrated memory controller.

On the positive side processor is available at relatively inexpensive price ( Intel lists it at $74, but you should be able to get it cheaper).  The Intel E6500 can make a good replacement for  your motherboard if it supports the LGA775 socket.

Built  with 45 nm technology, the   Pentium E6500, the 88 square mm die of the E6500 has 228 million transistor. Its TDP rating at 65 Watts is moderate for a desktop.

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