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Intel Pentium G620 Processor

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The Intel Pentium G620 one of the desktop processors in the Sandy Bridge line of processors, that will launch in second quarter of 2011. While the G620T is the low power 35 Watt processor, the G620 is 65 Watts TDP part and has obviously higher clock frequency.

Here are some of the scant information available about the Intel G620

– Two cores
2.6 GHz operating frequency
– Integrated DDR3 Memory Controller
– 3 MB L3 Cache
– Integrated Graphics
– 65 Watts TDP
– LGA1155 Socket
– DMI But for communication to chipset

We know, for sure that Sandy Bridge processors will bring bring noticeable performance improvement with its Integrated Graphics. This translate into the fact that most desktops based upon the Intel Pentium G620 may not have an external graphics at all. The inbuilt graphics in the G620 will be sufficient even for decent gaming performance. This should simplify the motherboard design and help reduce the overall motherboard and system cost in long run.

Unlike the earlier architecture in the desktop core i3 and core i5 processors, thad had two dies, one with main processor and the other graphics and memory controller section, the Sandy bridge processor is expected to have both section built with 32 nm technology. This should lead to more power efficient processor.

The GPU section should have a nominal clock frequency of 850 MHz. The GPU section will also support turbo boost and its maximum turbo frequency will be 1100 MHz. The GPU and CPU will work in tandem, in such a way that the total power does not exceed the TDP rating.

The Pentium G620 is expected have 3 MB of shared L3 cache.Intel calls smart cache. It will support virtualization technology, 64 bit instruction sets among other features.

If you have more question of information about Pentium G620, post in the comment section below.

The information below is outdated and need modification.

It is still not clear if Intel will announce the G620 processor as part of the CES 2011 show at Las Vegas that starts on Jan 3, 2011.


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