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Intel Pentium G840 and G850 Sandy Bridge Processors

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The Pentium G840 and Pentium G860 are two of the G series processors in the Sandy Bridge line.


Pentium G840 and G850 are  the high end desktop processor. The Table below show the details of these processors. We have also include the Pentium G620 and the low power processor G620T for completeness.

Table : Intel Pentium G840, G850, G620 and G620T processors 

Processor Frequency TDP GPU Frequency Price
G850 2.9 GHz 65 Watts 850 to 1100 MHz $86
G840 2.8 GHz 65 Watts 850 to 1100 MHz $75
G620 2.6 GHa 65 Watts 850 to 1100 MHz $64
G620T 2.2 GHz 35 Watts 650 to 1100 MHz $70

The G840 and G850 Pentium processors will have 3 MB of L3 cache. They will have integrated DDR3 memory controller. The communication with the chipset will be using the fast differential DMI bus. The integrated graphics core will be much faster than the GPU in the earlier core i3 and core i5 processors from Intel.

The G840 and G850 processor will fit in the LGA 1155 socket. Intel is expected to announce the Sandy Bridge architecture officially in the 2011 CES show. We will have more information available at that time.

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