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Intel Pentium P6100 and Core i3-330M benchmark

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The Intel Pentium P6100 and Core i3-330M are both entry level notebook processor. The Core i-330M has a better performance not only because of the higher frequency ( Core i3-330M is clocked at 2.13 GHz, while P6100 is clocked at 2 GHz) but also because of the the hyperthreading in i3-330M. Both the processors are based upon the same Arrandale Architecture. The Table below compares the benchmarking results of the Core i3-330M and Pentium P6100.

Benchmark core i3-330m Pentium P6100
Super Pi 2M ( Lower is better) 47 seconds 49 seconds
Passmark ( Higher is better) 1947 1527
Window 7 Experience Index 6.3 5.7

The Table makes it clear that the Core i3-330M is has definite performance gain with respect to the Pentium P6100.

If you want to compare the Core i3-330M with AMD processor, the Phenom ii N830 is a good candidate. Check out Intel core i3-330M Vs AMD’s Phenom ii N830.

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