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Intel Pentium P6000 Vs Dual Core T4500

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Before we start comparing the benchmark results of the Pentium P6000 and the Intel’s Dual core T4500 let us compare their features and architecture

– The Intel Pentium P6000 as well as the Intel T4500 are dual core processors. The P6000 is based upon the newer Arrandale architecture ( same architecture that powers the intel core i3 processors) while T4500 is based upon older Penryn architecture.

The Pentium P6000 is clocked at 1.86 GHz while T4500 is clocked at 2.3 GHz. Compared purely on the Clock speed the T4500 is significantly faster than the Pentium P6000

– The Pentium P6000 comes with integrated memory controller. In the integrated memory controller, the processor communicates with the memory directly, with no chip involved in between them. The Dual core T4500, on the other hand, communicates first with a north Bridge, which in turn communicates with the Memory. This slows down the processor to the memory communication speed.

– The L1 Cache structure is same for P6000 as well as the T4500. However, the arrangement of the L2 and L3 Cache is different. The Pentium P6000 comes with 3 MB of shared L3 Cache.The Dual core T4500 has 1 MB of L2 Cache. The Cache memory is impressive in the P6000, but is it enough to trounce T4500 ?

– The integrated graphics controller in P600 helps in the design of simpler and low cost system. The T4500 does not come with any integrated graphics controller.

The real way to tell which of the two processors is faster and by how much is to compare the benchmark results.

– The Super Pi 2M takes 54 seconds with the Pentium P6000 while it takes close to 63 seconds in case of T4500 processor. Single threaded applications seem to favor the Pentium P6000 even with much slower clock.

– The 3D Mark06 CPU score for Pentium P6000 is 1640 while that of the Dual core T4500 is 1920 implying a tie in the performance.

– The Passmark score for T4500 is 1563 Vs P6000’s score of 1398.

We will let you derive your own conclusions based upon these results.

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