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Intel Pentium P6200 Vs Core 2 Duo T7400

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Processors with same clock speed and same number of cores, make interesting comparison.  It also reveals how the architecture of the processor and system makes  a difference in the performance.

The Intel Pentium P6200 and the Core 2 Duo T7400, have are dual core processors and both are clocked similarly – Pentium P6200 at 2.13 GHz and Core 2 Duo T7400 at 2.16 GHz. Both these processors do not support Hyperthreading ( The core i3 processors do). They also do not support turbo boost as do the newer Core i5 and core i7 processor. Here are some key points where the architecture of these two processors differ.

– The Core 2 Duo T7400 has 4 MB of L2 Cache while the Pentium P6200 has 3 MB of L3 Cache that Intel calls smart cache. In Smart cache the two cores share a common pool of the cache memory.

– The Pentium P6200 is based upon the newer architecture. It has integrated memory controller, which makes the processor communicate with memory directly – this increases the memory transfer rate, improving overall performance. The core 2 Duo T7400, on the other hand communicates first to a North Bridge which, in turn communicates with the memory. This slows down the memory transfer rate.

– The Pentium P6200 has integrated graphics as an added feature. This feature is absent in the core 2 duo T7400 processor. The system manufacturer can take advantage of the integrated graphics to reduce system cost, by not requiring additional discrete graphics component.

– On the positive of the Core 2 Duo T7400 – it does support the virtualization technology that Pentium P6200 does not. The virtualization technology helps, in case you wish to run multiple operating system simultaneously.

– Both these processors support 64 bit instructions.

– The Core 2 Duo T7400 is manufactured with 65 nm Lithography, while Pentium P6200 is manufactured with 32 nm technology. The Pentium P6200 has two dies, the processor section on one die manufactured with 32 nm lithography while the graphics and memory controller, on the other die is manufactured with 45 nm lithography.

Here are the benchmarking results to compare the two processors.

– The Super Pi 2M takes 47 seconds for the Pentium P6200 while it takes 59 seconds in core 2 Duo T7400, suggesting a faster performance for the Pentium P6200, at least for single thread type applications.

– The 3DMark 06 score was found to be 1815 for the T7400 as compared to 1950 of Pentium P6200

– The SiSoft Sandra Dhrystone score was 19550 for Pentium P6200 Vs 18260 for T7400.

We may therefore conclude that the Pentium P6200 has, in general better performance as compared to the similarly clocked Core 2 Duo T7400 processor.

So how does the Pentium P6200 compares with the newer Core i3 processor ? Read in Pentium P6200 Vs Core i3-330M comparison.


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