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Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7-2600K i7-2600S i7-2600 processors

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When the Sandy Bridge is released sometimes at  the end of 2010 or the beginning of the 2011 the  Core i7-2600K and core i7-2600  processors will be highest performing processors available at the time of the launch.

While the i7-2600K and i7-2600 are the 95 Watt parts, the core i7-2600S is a low power part with TDP rating of just 65 Watts. The i7-2600K part is especially designed for the overclockers and will have the overclocking enabled.

The core i7-2600K and the core i7-2600 are 3.4 GHz parts while the core i7-2600S  is a 2.8 GHz parts. All of these processors are quad core parts and hyperthreading is enabled in all of them. This means that we can have 8 thread running at a time.

The Turbo boost functionality will be enabled in these parts and the turbo frequency of all of these parts will be 3.8 GHz. All of these parts will have 8 MB of L3 cache.

The most remarkable feature of these processor will be the improvement in the performance of the integrated graphics. Intel had declared that the Sandy Bridge processor will have twice the performance of the earlier Arrandale and the Clarkdale processor. Some of the benchmarking results available confirm that intels claim is true.

There are significant architectural improvement in the Sandy Bridge processors over the Arrandale and the Clarkdale processor. While the GPU ( Graphics Unit) and the integrated memory controller in the Arrandale and Clarkdale was built with 45 nm technology ( even when their core was built with 32 nm technology), in the Sandy bridge, the CPU as well as the GPU and the memory controller are all built with the 32 nm technology. Another significant improvement is the sharing of the L3 Cache by the GPU – which helps in improving the GPU performance.

The memory controller in the Sandy Bridge will be dual Channel DDR3-1600.

In overall the Sandy Bridge is expected to give significant performance boost.  The gamers are going to benefit the most with 2x improvement in the graphics performance.  You are looking at about 10% performance improvement in CPU over the similarly clocked Arrandale and Clarkdale processor. In that case the price could be the deciding factor.

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