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Investment Data about Xobni

Starredreviews has collected data about the investments made in Xobni and learned that there has so far been investment to the tune of $31.7 million.

With such a high investment, it looks like Xobni is loosing its battle against time and a viable acquisition candidate for a large companies including Microsoft. It would possibly have been a good acquisition candidate for around $20 million – something Microsoft was ready to but it ( Microsoft officially deny that it was going to buy Xobni).

Here is the Investment Data for Xobni

Table : Investors for Xobni

Month Year
March 2007
Angel Investors, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, and Atomico $4.26 millions
January, 2009 current investors plus Cisco Systems and BlackBerry Partners Fund $7 millions
March 2009 Series B Funding $3.2 Billion
March 2009
Series B Funding $1 million
April 2010 RRE Ventures plus existing investors- Series C funding $16.2 millions

Total $31.7 millions

Does it makes Xobni any good buy candidate for take over ?  Tell us.



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