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Is Intel Xeon W3690 the Highest Performing Processor

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By Starredreviews Correspondent.

The Intel Xeon W3690 is Hex core processor clocked at 3.46 GHz. The Xeon processors are targeted for the High Performance Server Market. With the support of the Turbo Boost feature the frequency can ramp to 3.73 GHz. The processor supports Hyperthreading and there can be 12 (Hyper)Threads running in parallel. This is helpful in server environment where it needs to run several process request.

CPU Benchmark compiled a list of High performance processors and according to it – the Intel Xeon W3690 is the Highest Performing Processor as check on April 27, 2011. The spot may change over the time as higher performing processors are launched in future. Here is the list of the highest performing processors listed according to the passmark score by from CPU Benchmark.

Table : List of Highest Performing Processor on April 27, 2011

Position Processor PassMark Score
1 Intel Xeon W3690 @ 3.47GHz 11,918
2 Intel Core i7 995X @ 3.60GHz 10,800
3 Intel Core i7 990X @ 3.47GHz 10,672
4 Intel Core i7 980X @ 3.33GHz 10,616

The Table below lists out some of the key features of the Intel Xeon W3690 Processor, according to Intel.

Key Features of the Intel Xeon W3690 Processor

SL No. Description Property
1 Number of Cores 6
2 Clock Frequency 3.46 GHz
3 Maximum Turbo Frequency 3.73 GHz
4 L3 Cache ( Intel Smart Cache) 12 MB
5 Maximum Number of (Hyper)Threads 12
6 Bus Type and Speed ( to communicate with Chipset) QPI at 3200 MHz
7 Memory Support 3-Channel DDR3
8 TDP Rating 130 Watts

The triple Channel DDR3 memory controller in the Xeon W3690 leads to faster processor to memory communication. The support for the ECC ( Error Correcting Code) memory module ensures reliable operation required in server environment.

Sources -1. Intel lists out the details of the Xeon W3690 and can be found here.

2. CPU Benchmark has listed out the highest performing processors and can be found in the list of the high performance processors

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  1. Hawaii
    May 22nd, 2011 at 16:53 | #1

    Can you tell me which is the fastest AMD processor ? And how does it compare against the Intel’s fastest processor ?