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Ivy Bridge processors production to ramp in 2H 2011 ?

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Intel is definitely working on the ramping up the production of the 22nm shrink of the Sandy Bridge. We also know that the initial samples of the Ivy Bridge are on track and being tested. But we can still be not sure of the Ivy Bridge processors will be launched prior to the Jan 2012 period.

According to the inquirer – Paul Otellini told in the 13 January investor conference that the Ivy Bridge processors will be produced on mass scale in the later half of this year – a statement that could not be independently be verified.

In tel achieved a A 24 per cent year to year growth and and according the inquirer Otellini told investors that –

Ivy Bridge chip designs were complete, prototype chips had been made and were being tested and wafer production would be ramped up later this year

Intel’s stock ( INTC) closed at $21.08, a price that analysts feel are undervalued given the good performance that Intel achieved in the year ending 2010. If the Ivy Bridge production stays on track, Intel is expected to take substantial lead over its nearest rival AMD, which is still struggling to bring out its 32 nm processors in market.

Surprisingly, Intel is now feeling the heat not from AMD but from ARM processors in the smart phone and small netbook segment. It will be interesting to watch this segments as they unfold in 2011 and 2012. Stay tuned for more information.

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