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JBL JBLONSTMBLK2P review -Micro Portable Speaker Dock for iPod

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JBL JBLONSTMBLK2P On Stage Micro Portable Speaker Dock for iPod is the portable iPod dock that is available in the market for the cost of $39 in deals, making it among the few quality portable docking speaker system under $50. The JBL JBLONSTMBLK2P multipurpose dock can be used to play music from iPod, iPhones as well as MP3 players and other devices that give audio out on a 3.5 mm jack .

The two 3 Watts speakers available in this dock can provide the user with best audio to listen to the music content stored in the iPod and iPhone. Computer connectivity is available through one point design for the computer connection. There are two Odyssey Transducers available in this iPod dock. There are a total number of 4 AAA type batteries that are required to power this dock. This dock comes with IR remote control for making user interaction more simpler. The type of the speaker that are used in this dock is active type features. The response bandwidth of this dock is 70 hertz to 20, 000 hertz. The input impedance of this dock measures 10 Kilo Ohm. The normal output power of this dock is 6 watts and each speaker present in the dock produces half the output power.

JBL JBLONSTMBLK2P On Stage Micro Portable Speaker Dock for iPod uses the Neodymium type magnets. There is an integrated audio amplifier present in this dock. There is no wireless connectivity available to the user but there is connectivity offered via the wired medium. There is automatic power ON and OFF feature available in this dock. This allows the user to listen to the music content present on their iPod or iPhone with more clarity and more audibility. This simply is the best solution to have in car or house where you can listen to songs without plugging your earphones and it also allows many people to get the exciting feel of listening songs at the same time. This makes sure that the user has enough entertainment through out their travelling time. This also has the earphone jack thus hearing songs on the earphone also is available to the user. This simply is the best iPod dock available in the market to anyone who is interested in buying iPod dock this also comes with limited warranty covered by the manufacturer. The audio delivered by this dock has minimal noise and thus promises a good quality, this is less bulky and thus portable. The battery that is used by this dock is rechargeable thus the user gets to use the same battery many times. The battery backup provided is also unmatched. This is one unmatched product in its own category.


– Extremely Compact, very portable
– Can be powered by AC chord as well as batteries
– Comes with a remote
– Decent quality sound for its size

– Customers reported that it does not charge all models of iPod
– Sound lacks bass and a bit tinny

If you have used this JBL portable speaker doc, put your experience in the comment section below.

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