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Jery Smith Ready – 10 facts

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Jery Smith Ready is a renowned author whose forthcoming book, “Let It Bleed” is expected to land shortly around August 2011. Here are 10 facts about Jery Smith Ready.

1. Jery’s first debut novel, was an ebook – REQUIEM FOR THE DEVIL (Time Warner, 2001). The Requiem for the Devil won First Place in the National Writers Association Novel contest.

2. Jery Smith Ready’s first print novel was the romantic fantasy – EYES OF CROW (Luna Books).

3. Jery’s hobbies include cooking and animals.

4. Jerry’s writings include

Wicked Game — May 2008
Bad to the Bone — May 2009
Bring on the Night — August 2010
Requiem for the Devil (2001)
The Wild’s Call (2009)
Shade (2010)
Shift (2011)

The Aspect of Crow series

1. Eyes of Crow (2006)
2. Voice of Crow (2007)
3. The Reawakened (2008)
4. Let It Bleed (2011)

Jerry Smith Ready - Photo courtsey jerismithready.com

5. Jerry likes music, movies, and like to stay up late in night – similar to the characters in her novel.

6. Jeri has a master degree in environmental policy. She got highest GPA in her graduate class. She lives in Maryland with her husband and has a cat.

7. You can find more detail about her at her website www.jerismithready.com

8. Jery tweets at her twitter at http://twitter.com/jsmithready.

9. Jery Smith Ready can be contacted at her email jeri at jerismithready.com

10. And finally if these 9 are not sufficient about her read some more resources about her

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