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Jobs and work options for H4B spouses in US

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Housewives in US who are dependent of H1B holders in US have limited or almost no option in terms of job opportunity. They are legally not allowed to work for any organization and work paid. This leads to frustration among the H4B women, who are, otherwise qualified to work and earn, especially if they have Programming, Engineering, Mathematical or other degrees.

Even if the person on H1B applies for green card, it may take several years before the spouse becomes eligible for the work authorization. So what can they do in this duration ? Here are some brainstorm thoughts

–          The best utilization of the time is to join a college that offers some Associate degree or anything that adds to the value of the knowledge. You do not need to take all  the subjects. All you need to do is to take up one or two subjects at a time. This helps you stay in touch with the studies, you also improve your communication skills as you listen to the instructor and the teacher and familiarize yourself with the American Accent. The studies will help you with the communication skills in case you take up a job later on. Some possible subjects could be finance, accounting, programming, medical transcript, or other areas of your interest.

–          Teaching could be a good option, especially if you have a math or science background. You may advertise on Craisgslist and offer your tutoring services. This will help you stay in touch with academics. You may try doing it as volunteer or accept donations.

–          If you have a programming background developing an iPhone or an Android Application and selling them could be a good idea. You will need necessary tools to get started. Even if you do not end up making good money, you can gain knowledge in the process, which will be useful for you when you take up any potential job in the future.

–           Learning some skills like nails, threading and massage and offering them to the people in your community may not be perfectly legal but could be “generally acceptable” to get donations for the services you offer. For example if you are from Mexico, you may advertise in local Mexican shops about your threading services. A large number of people will be more than happy to take your services.

–          Offering catering services fall under the same category as above. If, for example, you are from India, you can advertize in your local India grocery store and offer catering and home made food services.  On pure legal ground the practice is questionable. You may like to take up this kind of service only if you this you will enjoy doing these kind of works.

–          Writing blogs in the area of your interest can be a good utilization of your time. It may also make you some money using google adsense. You may like to register a website, install wordpress, get adsense approved and start writing.

–          A large number of freelancing websites offer programming, writing and marketing jobs. You may like to grab some of these jobs, especially the ones that require local presence.  You may like to get the money paid on your paypal that you can use to buy stuffs from ebay.

–          Sites like minifreelance.com allows you to accomplish petty tasks, like posting a url on your facebook. The payments are somewhat higher for US based persons and you may earn like $10 for a hour of online work.

–          If you have very high qualification and experience, you may like to apply for jobs. If the company agrees to hire you, it may be willing to transfer your H4B Visa to H1B Visa.

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