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Karima El Mahrough

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Karima El Mahrough is the young 18-year-old Moroccan girl whom people in Italy have nicknamed “Ruby Heartbreaker.” She is the one that Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi was accused of paying for sex. The Italian Premier was indicted Tuesday on these charges, which he tried to cover up by using his influence. He has denied any wrongdoing. He says the accusations are groundless and that the case is a “farce.” The child prostitution charge carries a possible prison term of six months to three years. If he is convicted of the “abuse of influence” charge, this carries a sentence of four to twelve years. Because he is almost 75 years of age, it is unlikely that he would go to prison because in Italy, people over 75 years of age rarely serve time.

Karima El Mahrough, who is at the center of the prostitution scandal, says she has done nothing wrong. She is also saying that not “all the gold in the world” could make up for all the suffering she has endured. The suffering Karima El Mahrough is referring to is how she has been treated as a prostitute by all the foreign and Italian media.

Karima El Mahrough, who was 17-years old at the time of the incident, is now 18-years old and is requesting euro 15,000, which is approximately $20,340, for a full television interview from the AP. The reason she is asking for so much money/euros is that she does not do anything for nothing.

Karima El Mahrough has denied having a sexual relation with Berlusconi, saying that the premier “never put a finger on me.” Then she stated in the same interview that the Italian Premier had given her euro 7,000, which is approximately $9,500 on their first meeting. Karima El Mahrough said she had identified herself as Egyptian dancer and gave her age as 24. She claims that she was having trouble financially and that the money he had given her was to help her out, so she could support herself financially.

The indictments against the Italian Premier also list thirteen nights that Ruby Heartbreak spent at his villa in Arcore. She stayed from Valentine’s Day, 2010, through May 2, 2010. The indictment states that the evenings were “in exchange for sums of money paid by the Italian Premier’s accountant or himself.

Karima El Mahrough’s fame has grown and she is frequently photographed in low-cut, tight-fitting attire at nightclubs. Karima El Mahrough has even appeared in a television commercial wearing only black lingerie.

This whole scandal began at a dinner party in Milan at the Italian Premier’s private residence. Karima El Mahrough admitted that she had lied about her age before the dinner because she did not want everyone to know that she was a minor. Investigators say that they have questioned Katrima El Mahrough’s roommate, who claimed that Katrima had confided in her with details of her sexual relationship with the Italian Premier.

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