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KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse Review

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About KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse

KidKraft has been known for producing child’s playthings and toy products such that many were curious when they unveiled KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse, more so when it garnered “amazing” reviews from customers. It costs quite a lot for a dollhouse at its $135.99 price tag, but is it really worth shelling out that much money?

KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse measures at a dimension of 46 x 18 x 7 inches and weighs about 36 pounds. The manufacturers are proud to unveil that this new dollhouse is a product of beauty and imagination that has been taken into a whole new scale. It is sized specifically to fit into large sized dolls such as Barbie, and comes with various furniture that are fashioned after the old classic style of Savannah, Georgia, from which the dollhouse is named after.

In the KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse set, here is what you will be getting when you open the package: 14 pieces of traditional furniture, four different floors, and various features of the house such as living room, kitchen, balcony, dining room, attic, and porch with a swing. Your children can now let their imagination run wild with these various features as they play with their favorite dolls. However, the furniture that are included in the set for KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse are made out of plastic instead of wood, which could have offered a much better quality of product that offers years of durability. Nonetheless, children aged between 3 to 8 will surely enjoy playing with this toy and parents will be satisfied for buying a beneficial toy for their kids.

Pro’s of KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse

*The dollhouse is quite large such that you can easily fit large dolls into it;

*The dollhouse comes with a beautiful layout and is very colorful that makes it pleasing for little girls to play with;

*It is well built and sturdy enough even for young girls;

*The furniture that came with the house is more than enough to make up for the lack of overall quality of the dollhouse itself;

*There are several nice features incorporated here such as the wooden banisters.

Con’s of KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse

*The price is tad too expensive for a dollhouse;

*Despite of its exorbitant price, the wall decals are made of cheap laminate that easily peel off;

*The frame of the house tends to become warped such that it is difficult to put together;

*The edges of the dollhouse were a bit rough, which can be dangerous for kids and need to be smoothed out before you allow them to play with it.

The Bottom Line

KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse is certainly a good choice for parents who wanted to encourage creative play for your little girls, while also keeping them happy as they play with their dolls. However, be prepared to shell out some huge cash as this dollhouse doesn’t come in cheap. Although there are some users who rave about its features, there is a little more room left for improvement to make it something that is truly worth the value for your money.

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  1. Anna
    December 28th, 2010 at 08:06 | #1

    Great dollhouse. All wood and huge. lots of space to add new peices. Were very happy with this house. annoying to put together but worth it