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Kilkenny castle Ireland

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Kilkenny castle is the most recognized buildings of Ireland; it has its importance since Strongbow first erected a structure, probably wooden in the 12th century. William the Earl Marshall was the one who put together the first stone castle on the location, which was finished in 1213. Kilkenny castle was originally a square-shaped castle with towers at each corner; three of these original four towers survive till today.

In 1391 it was bought by the Butlers family, who were its resident till 1935.The residents had amongst them dukes, earls, marquesses who lived in the castle for over five hundred years. The butler family were remarkable figures, who were flexible, politically smart and true to the crown and to Ireland as dictated by the politics of the times.

The castle was given to Ireland`s nation in 1967, ever since the grounds and the castle itself is being managed by the office of public works. Gardens that adjoin the castle are open for public visits and the Parade tower is used as a conference venue.

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