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Kno Dual Tablet Review

Many times, especially in US good and different type of product gets lost in dazzle of media. The Dual Tablet from a relatively unknown company in US – Kno – is one of them.

As its name implies, the dual tablet from Kno has two Screens – each 14.1″ wide. Each screen has separate battery and that makes Kno Dual Tablet a bit heavier.

The Dual table has Tegra2 chip and 16GB of storage ( according to theinquirer).These two screens and can be used like a book ( can be folded and unfolded).

According to Kno – It has “two dazzling touchscreen panels that you can write on, highlight on, watch video on.”. For the software it says – “We’re serious about your studying. Your textbooks, your course materials, your notes, your web links, your everything.”

Kno Dual Tablet does support Flash unlike the Ipad – another reason to dump your ipad ? The product is in prototype stage – so it will take sometime before it comes out.

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