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Kodak EasyShare C143 Review

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About Kodak EasyShare C143

Kodak is one of the earliest brand names to introduce camera products into the market. But when digital versions of point-and-shoot cameras were released into the market, the brand was overshadowed by other manufacturers who were keen on dominating this industry. The new Kodak EasyShare C143 is one of their latest offering in the digital camera range that is considered to be budget-friendly for its price tag of $70. Before any conclusion can be made, let us examine what it can do.

Kodak EasyShare C143 is a 12 megapixel digital camera that comes with a 2.7 inch LCD display wherein you can preview digital images stored in its built-in memory, or to preview your subjects before capturing them for the highest quality shots. The thing that the manufacturers are most proud of about this digital camera model is the fact that it is equipped with some high end features that you would normally expect from something that costs more than what this product is charging you.

You can operate Kodak EasyShare C143 using AA batteries, which has raised concern among users for its short battery life. Nonetheless, the numerous unique technologies offered by Kodak is more than enough to make up for that. You can expect Kodak’s Face Recognition feature along with the Kodak EasyShare Software that will enable you to edit your shots after taking them to ensure that you get professional-quality results via picture enhancement.

When capturing distant objects, Kodak EasyShare C143 comes with up to 3x optical zoom such that you can still capture them with utmost clarity and full in detail. The high ISO that can reach up to 1600 in ISO enable you to capture even the tiniest details for fast-action shooting situations and low lighting conditions.

Aside from capturing images, you can also record video clips with the Kodak EasyShare C143. The Kodak Smart Capture feature enables you to record videos with ease and in such clarity that would deliver the highest results possible. Once you are through recording your videos or capturing your images, you can upload the files via e-mail and post it all over the internet such as Facebook, YouTube, Flicker, and the Kodak Gallery.

Pro’s of Kodak EasyShare C143

*It comes with a budget-friendly price that makes it affordable for everyone;

*Despite its low cost, it is equipped with high-end features to ensure optimum results;

*It comes with good image stabilization to eliminate blur or shake;

*It can capture high quality images even in low lighting conditions;

*It comes with a nice body color that gives it sophistication and make it look more expensive than its price would suggest;

*It features excellent zooming capacity.

Con’s of Kodak EasyShare C143

*It has a comparably short lag time;

*Its battery life is short and would put you at risk of losing out on battery life in the middle of a shoot;

*Some users have noted that this product is difficult to use.

The Bottom Line

Kodak EasyShare C143 is an overall good product, especially for its price. Do not easily dismiss this product just because it is more affordable than most other digital cameras in the market today since it offers high end technologies that would produce high quality images. This is indeed a great steal for its price!

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