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Kodak EasyShare M531 Review

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About Kodak EasyShare M531

The EasyShare series from Kodak is intended with the same purpose as the name would suggest – the ability to easily share these photos or videos you’ve taken from places you’ve been or activities you’ve done to your friends online. Hence, the Kodak EasyShare M531 takes the same cues such that you can upload your pictures to social networks online or send it to friends via e-mail. You can now preserve that Kodak moment and relish it with your loved ones.

Kodak EasyShare M531 offers up to 14 megapixels in camera resolution such that you can product quality photo prints. You can blow up your pictures to as much as 30 x 40 inches in size without losing the quality of the photos. In addition, it is equipped with up to 3x in optical zoom or between 36 to 108 mm in zooming range such that your subjects are captured in the most clear detail as possible even if you are shooting from a distance.

A blur reduction technology is also offered in Kodak EasyShare M531 to capture fast moving subjects without sacrificing on the quality of the resulting shots. They are as perfect and sharp as they are still! Then, you can preview all the shots you have captured via the 2.7-inch bright LCD screen, which in itself offers tremendous brightness and clarity.

There are various notable technologies introduced in Kodak EasyShare M531 such as the Smart Capture feature (that automatically adjusts settings based on the environment and shooting situation), Face Recognition feature, and Face Detection feature.

Aside from quality photos, you can also use Kodak EasyShare M531 to capture HD quality videos. It is equipped with continuous VGA such that you can perform on-camera editing and capture audio to make your videos as high quality as possible. You can choose from a variety of scene or color modes to ensure that you can adjust framing and recording quality according to the shooting situations. There are up to 5 color modes to choose from such as basic color, full, vivid, sepia, and black & white.

The Kodak EasyShare software enhances the possibilities of Kodak EasyShare M531 such that you can easily upload, organize, share, or e-mail your photos or videos online to Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube. To make the most out of this digital camera, you can also get a few basic accessories in the package such as lithium-ion batteries, in-camera charger and adapter, user guide, USB cable, and wrist strap.

Pro’s of Kodak EasyShare M531

*Advanced picture and video technologies;

*Ease of sharing online;

*Variety of shooting modes to choose from;

*Inclusion of editing software.

Con’s of Kodak EasyShare M531

*It lacks any distinctive features that would differentiate it from other models in the EasyShare series.

The Bottom Line

Kodak EasyShare M531 is an excellent choice of camera for those looking to capture the best moments in life through photos or videos. With its high quality results and advanced technologies, you can ensure that you will be able to preserve those memories for a very long time.

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