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Kodak ESP 3250 3-in-1 Printer Review

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Kodak ESP 3250 3-in-1 is the latest printer in the market at an inexpensive price of $69 from Kodak, the American multinational giant known for digital printing and content capturing. Their digital cameras are well known and have lot of trusted customers. This new product from Kodak is a combo device which the user can use as a printer, scanner and copier. The printing speed for contents having only black color is 30 pages per minute, and the content with colors the print speed is almost the same as the content with only black color as it is 29 pages per minute. This printer can also be used for printing maxi photos which measures dimensions of 4 inches x 6 inches and these pictures can be printed at a speed of less then half a minute.

Key Features

– Resolution 9600 X 2400 dpi
– Connects to computer with USB Cable (Not supplied)
– Memory Card Slot ( for MMC, SD etc cards)
– Can print directly from the Memory Card of USB Media

Before we go into the details of the printer we would like to point out there has been a large number of user complaints about the printer. The Printer is not supplied with a USB cable, its ink drain fast. Other complaints include, paper jam, non alignment, just not able to print and being annoyingly loud. The printer reports no ink even when half empty and will not proceed. On the basis of large number of customer complaints, we do not recommend this printer for quality conscious customers who want a reliable printer.

Kodak ESP 3250 Can print photo quality directly from your SD Card. Picture courtsey Kodak

The printer supports a resolution of 9600 X 2400 dots per inch. This printer has a memory card slot and can operate with different versions of the memory cards such as SDHC, SD, MMC, MS pro, MS and MiniSD. There is also a LCD display available on the printer which is of display size 1.5 inches. The photo printing capabilities of this printer supports printing of borderless pictures of a maximum dimensions of 8.5 inches x 11 inches. This printer is energy star compliant thus it does not add to global warming, thus it is environment friendly.

Kodak ESP 3250 3-in-1 Printer uses the Kodak 10 series color ink cartridge and Kodak 10 series black ink cartridge. The direct print feature is supported in this printer. This feature allows the user to print directly from a memory card or an USB media thus the user does not have to connect the printer to the computer every time. This printer can also print on both the sides of the paper and also multiple pages per sheet is supported in this printer. The scanning resolution supported by this printer is up to 1200 dots per inch. The copier capabilities are almost on par with the printing capabilities for black content the coping is 30 copies per minute and 29 copies per minute for colored content. This printer also has paper saving features. There is one year warranty from the purchase that covers the printer, which is offered by the manufacturer. This printer is compatible with multiple operating systems such as windows XP / VISTA / Seven and Mac OS 10.4.8 or versions above 10.4.8.

The disadvantages of Kodak ESP 3250 are – it does not have any wireless capabilities and also there is no possibility for the user to make it a network printer. There is no DLNA compliance either, thus there no connectivity available to the user. This is perfect fit for personal usage and it is less bulky and extremely portable too.

Kodak ESP 3250 Pros

– Inexpensive
– Has scanner and can work as copier as well
– Can print directly from the memory cards

Kodak ESP 3250 Cons

– Large number of customer complaints
– No internet connectivity
– Ink drains fast

If you have used the Kodak ESP 3250, please feel free to air your hands on experience of this printer in the comment section below. If you like this review, you may like to interact with other 100+ (and growing) facebook members who like starredreviews.

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  1. Rich
    February 2nd, 2011 at 14:19 | #1

    I concur completely with the statement that the ink drains fast from the E3250. After purchasing this all in one because it claimed to have very low printing costs, I would have to disagree. This machine goes through ink cartridges at an unbelievable rate. It claims to produce over 400 documents/ink cartridge set…..if I said I got 100, it would an exaggeration. I have not counted exactly how many I do get, but after I printed my first 3 documents and 95% ink levels appeared, it captured my attention. After purchasing more brand cartridges because the ones that came in the printer were labeled “introductory cartridge” I was hoping to get a better production, but nothing changed. I print everything draft in an effort to reduce ink, but its production is still nowhere near the 400 mark. I rarely print photos or other images, primarily written reports in black and white so its not like I’m covering every inch of page I print.
    I have just ordered somes generic ink cartridges that are way cheaper than OEM with the hope that maybe this will keep my costs down, but frankly this machine has been a major disappointment. It is loud, flimsy and get jams at a frequency that I do not appreciate. It was cheap to buy and I know you get what you pay for, but I was hoping the claims of cheap printing costs were going to be true…..I was wrong. I should have done my research first, which I did not, so its my own fault I just it was only apt to share my findings.

  2. Barbara
    February 24th, 2011 at 08:36 | #2


    I had the same problem. I have had my Kodak now for two years. I had a couple of problems after I purchased mine . . don’t remember what immediate problem I was having but I went on the website and emailed them a complaint email and they called me to get that straightened out and then I complained about the ink consumption and he told me that it may be a printhead problem and they sent me a new printhead and two new cartridges and it has been fine ever since. Sometimes now I do have a problem with it grabbing the paper wrong but not a lot but I don’t seem to have a jamming problem.

    If your printer is still under warranty, send them an email complaining about your problems and I’m sure they will get back to you and try to straighten it out with you. You may need a new printhead too.