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Kodak Playsport HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera Review

Kodak playsport HD Kodak Playsport HD Waterproof pocket video camera is pocket size beautiful one and it can be used in water to a depth of 10ft that is 3m. The aspects if this camera are very good like 2 inch LCD screen, 5 MP resolution, good performance at low light and 10 hours of HD movie recording. This camera can be bought in good colors like Black, Blue, and Purple for an amount of $150.

The Kodak Playsport HD video camera can be used in underwater because it is designed specially for active lifestyle buyers. After enjoying in capturing great movements of your life you can see and save them by using special software and USB cable output provided in this piece. Electronic image stabilization is a good feature in this machine which can be used for sharper videos.

Features of Kodak Playsport HD video camera

Kodak Playsport HD video camera is having a good features like waterproof facility up to 3m, Electronic image stabilization, LCD glare shield, 2 inch color LCD display, 5MP resolution image capture, saving and sharing through USB cable and built in software, good video performance at dim light, an expandable memory of about 32 GB that can rule your mind, a cable output for HDMI and Remote control. By seeing these all good features how can go around this piece and not choosing it.

With these all good features there are some minus points. Kodak Playsport HD video camera is not having inbuilt flashkodak playsport HD , macro, external charger and zooming features. The storage space with external memory is also less and SD card should be must. But these all aspects look small when you look its good features and cons will be there at any place. So the camera which is allowing you to take a picture in different settings is great and because it’s a waterproof one they designed its body very well to handle when it is in water.

There are different kinds of accessories available for this video camera for enhancing your requirements. Memory cards are available in different sizes like 4,8 and 16 GB for different users, helmet mounts, Tripods, hang bags, cases and remote control which a great feature.

The Kodak Playsport HD Waterproof video camera will be available in three different colors as said earlier by this April 2010 at big retailers like Amazon.com and there is some discounts through Amazon just check it out. By these all good features you can’t loose it just use this to enjoy your best life movements.

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