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LA salette shrine church (Christmas lights in Attleboro MA) – 10 Facts

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Hereare 10 Facts you always wnted to know about the La Salette – the famous shrine located in Attleboro,MA where thousands of people flock every year to see the Christmas lighting. The La Salette Church is one of the reasons, Attleboro, a relatively small area can become tourist attraction. The Capron Zoo park in another one in the Attleboro you can visit, if you are planning in summer. So here are 10 basic facts you wanted to know about the la salette church.

1. The nearest Airport is not Boston but the Providence. If you are flying you may like to check both the airports to see which one is more economical.

2. If you are taking a highway to drive you need to take exit 5 on I-95, whethere travelling from North or from South I-95.

3. To reach La Salette enter the address 947 Park Street- Attleboro MA 02703 in your GPS and you should be ready to go.

4. The shrine takes its name from La Salette, in France.  In 1846,  the Blessed Mother appeared to two children in La Salette. Speaking to the two Children the mother told them to spread her message to “make known to all my people.”

Inspired by Mother Mary’s call the Missionary of La Salette was founded in 1852. Their work focuses on Reconciliation and the Eucharist.  In In 1892 two La Salette Missionaries arrived in USA.

In 1942 the La Salette Missionaries purchased the property from Dr. Solomon’s sanatorium. This is what exists today. The  construction started in 1952. On December 8, 1953, the Shrine opens officially.

5. On November 15, 2003 the shrine was granted the new designation as National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette. by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

6.  The Large space at La Salette shrine has a Rosary Walk, a tomb of Jesus, steps to climb to the statue of Lady of La Salette at the top.

7. Thousands of Catholics and not Catholics visit La Salette in Attleboro MA every year. It is fun for children as well as an inspirational moment.

8. The Shrine is about 2 miles from the Railway station. If you do not mind walking the 30 to 40 minutes walk from the Railway station could be a good exercise for you to refresh.

9. The La Selette shrine is spread in a vast area of 75 Acres. The spectacular Christmas Festival covers 10 acres of space of Lights.

10. The Christmas Festival lasts between November 26 to January 3 every year. The admission is free but gifts are accepted and highly appreciated.

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